2019 Nissan Navara: Updates, Design, Release

Nissan’s mid-size, global Navara pickup truck has plenty of style inside and out and also class-top interior comfort. But, the Navara is also the capable and dependable pickup and Mercedes, Renault and Fiat trucks also use Navara’s proven underpinning.  The global Navara will also be the basis of the new-generation Frontier which will, however, get unique engines and options for the US market.

However, despite being relatively new and among the best options in the class the Navara is faced with the growing number of updated and in some areas better-equipped models. The Navara was all-new for the 2015 model year and with the 2019 Nissan Navara, there should be the new round of updates.

Nissan hasn’t revealed details yet, but the refreshed Navara should get some styling updates, revised materials and additional active safety tech. The reports also claim that Nissan is also considering the performance version, a rival for the new Ranger Raptor but this version isn’t expected before the next decade.

2019 Nissan Navara

2019 Nissan Navara: Design

The Navara is already sleek and modern styling pickup truck and also sits on the capable and flexible platform. For the new model year, the truck is, however, expect to bring slightly revised exterior styling while will keep the current shape and size.

No images of the new Navara yet but like every facelift, this should also bring revised front and rear end styling.  Expect the new version of the V-motion grille to define the identity of the model and more modern headlights. The front bumper should also experience some changes while the profile will likely stay intact.

The rear will also follow the same mid-update routine with the new graphics taillights and reshaped rear bumper. Nissan will also offer new wheel options and probably special exterior theme version.

Interior, equipment:

The cabin of the Navara is also already comparable with the passenger cars and the truck offers high-end comfort and connectivity features. Navara can be had with premium materials and attractive trim pieces and modern tech and connectivity options are also present.

The new version should, however, add several new active safety features which are already available in the rival models. Navara offers comprehensive airbags coverage, rearview camera, electronic stability control, surround-view system, etc. The updated version should bring systems like the automatic emergency braking, rear cross traffic alert, lane keep assist and more.

There should also be fresh material options and new details on the dashboard. The new upgraded infotainment system should offer better connectivity and responsiveness and larger screen option.

The Navara will again return in multiple cab options and trim levels and Nissan is also considering the off-road performance version but this version won’t likely be ready for the next refresh.

2019 Nissan Navara

2019 Nissan Navara: Performance

The 2019 Nissan Navara won’t likely change the engine options but there should be some improvements. The suspension system should also  get some further upgrades despite Navara is one of the trucks with the best ride quality in the class.

Navara will again offer the petrol engine is some low-grade versions but most versions will go with the turbodiesel engine under the hood. A 2.0-liter single turbo four-cylinder engine makes 160 hp in the current version but buyers can also opt for the bi-turbo oil burner. This version possesses the low and high-pressure turbos and improves the accelerations and performance. With two turbos, a 2.3-liter dCi engine provides 187 hp and torque of 450 Nm is available from 1500-2500 rpm. The new model year should, however, bring better performance and efficiency but details will likely appear closer to the launch date.

The model will also offer manual and automatic transmission options. There will also be two and capable four-wheel drive system. The fuel economy should stay around 7 liters per 100 km and there shouldn’t be a big difference with the four-wheel drive either.

2019 Nissan Navara: Arrival, Price

More detail about the 2019 Nissan Navara should appear later in the year when more precise picture we will have about the level of upgrades. What is sure, Navara will stay one of the most desirable and capable models in the market. The company will likely keep the price close to the current range but a slight price increase will likely follow the new options and updates.

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