2020 BMW Pickup Truck: News, Speculations, Design

BMW defines the boundaries in the ever-growing SUV segment and its models provide a unique mix of high performance, luxury and utility. The German brand introduced recently the new flagship X7 SUV and continues to work on the rest of the lineup. However, BMW continues to be in talks about the possible launch of the pickup truck especially after Mercedes debuted in the segment with the X-Class model.

The pickup truck market is growing globally and new brands are joining the game. Tesla is finishing the all-electric model and Hyundai will lunch the new, unibody truck in 2020. Ford is also expanding its truck range and working on the electrification and General Motors also hinted the arrival of the all-electric truck. Mitsubishi and VW confirmed recently that they are considering the option to enter the large US market with their truck models. Could BMW find its interest somewhere as well?

Commenting on the matter, BMW said recently that pickup truck isn’t in brand’s focus. Despite that the market is growing constantly, BMW claims that the premium truck segment is still small and brand don’t see the interest to enter the race. BMW detects Australia and North Amerika as the market with large potential for the premium truck version but the brand has more important priorities and the investment would be huge for developing the new truck. BMW cites the electrification and semi-autonomous tech as its priorities.

On the other hand, BMW claims that building the unibody truck is the compromise and the development of the body-on-frame platform is too expensive. BMW hasn’t commented about the possibility of sharing the platform with another model as the Mercedes X-Class and considering all the BMW Pickup isn’t expected any time soon.

Still, some speculative design solutions appeared how the 2020 BMW Pickup Truck could look if it would be close to the launch.

2020 BMW Pickup Truck

2020 BMW Pickup Truck: Design

BMW defined that acquiring the platform is the biggest problem for the brand but hasn’t mentioned the possibility to borrow the platform form another brand which has become a growing practice in the truck industry. Nissan donated the platform to the Mercedes X-Class, VW and Ford should also share components and Mitsubishi should also cooperate with Nissan. In BMW’s case, it has been suggested that Toyota could be the solution. Two brands share components for Z4 and Supra models and Toyota is working on the new platform for the redesigned Tundra and Tacoma trucks which could also be the solution for BMW’s problems.

However, if BMW would be to launch the 2020 BMW Pickup Truck it would need a quicker solution and the unibody platform would be the only alternative. With that move, BMW would reduce the development time and cost but BMW commented that it sees the unibody design truck as the compromise.


As for the styling of the BMW truck, it wouldn’t be a problem for the brand to adopt the newest design language to the pickup truck form. The truck would have a similar grille design and headlights as the brands’ new flagship X7 SUV. The front section and everything until the C pillar could look very similar to the SUV form while the truck would likely come in the crew-cab style only and with the short cargo bed.

Interior, equipment:

BMW wouldn’t likely design a unique interior for the truck rather use similar layout and equipment as in its new SUVs.

The dash would likely use the similar form as in the brand’s SUVs with horizontal-oriented style and large center screen in the middle and available digital instrument panel. BMW would also use premium materials and features in the truck and three would also be a long list of active safety systems.

2020 BMW Pickup Truck

2020 BMW Pickup Truck: Powertrains

As for the powertrain for the speculated 2020 BMW Pickup Truck, BMW wouldn’t have the problem as it would be the case with the platform. The truck could use turbocharged four-cylinder and V-6 engines both petrol and diesel variants and the electrified powertrain would also be possible.

A 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-6 petrol engine from the X7 could also be used in the pickup truck version with a similar power output around 335 hp. A 3.0-liter turbodiesel engine with six cylinders and power around 250 hp and torque would also fit good under the hood of the truck. BMW might also equip one version of the truck with mighty 4.4-liter bi-turbo V-8 which could provide power in the 600-hp range.

BMW would combine mentioned engines with the 8-speed automatic transmission and sophisticated four-wheel drive.

2020 BMW Pickup Truck: Release, Price

The 2020 BMW Pickup Truck is pure speculation for now as BMW ruled out the pickup truck model recently. If the growing trend continues in the next decade, BMW might join the market eventually. The truck of this kind could cost around $50, 000.   

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